How to create block in schedule?

Navigate to Scheduling >> Patient Scheduling.

After that navigate to Patient Scheduling or Scheduling by Clinician.

In Patient Scheduling and Scheduling by Clinician only the appointment view changes. The functionality remains same.

Following steps are applicable to both Patient Scheduling and Scheduling by Clinician.

Click in empty cell where there is no appointment or right on the cell where no appointment is created then click "Add Block".


Enter all the parameters to create block. Apollo has facility to create single block or repeated block(weekly/monthly). Refer below for detailed explanation.

1) Block Type:Only Once.

     Block is created on specified date and time.


2) Block Type:Daily

     Recursive block is created on specified day(s) within the start and end date.

3)Block Type:Monthly

   Recursive block is created every month on date selected in start date. Appointment will be created for the months between start date and end date.

Click "Save Block time" to create block.


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