How does FLR codes for SOAP notes work?

Navigate to Patient >> SOAP notes.

If you are working with a patient, that patient notes will be displayed or search patient pop up will open. After searching for required patient, notes for selected patient will be displayed.


Click Add SOAP Notes to add another note or click on edit icon under action to modify existing note.Click on FLR tab. Since no FLR codes were selected in previous completed note, all FLR codes are available in current note.

Select codes and click "Save &Continue".


The FLR data will get carry forwarded from the last completed SOAP note to the new added note. If Discharge FLR is selected then the FLR codes for new note will not get carry forward. Also if clinician is changed the FLR codes will not get carry forwarded.

When note is finalized selected codes get added as charges.


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