How does Apollo handle 59 Modifiers?

59 Modifiers can be handled with Payors.

1 - Add a Payor.

Manage Data -> Manage payors -> Add a payor

Click on 59 Modifiers icon under Action column for that Payor.

59 Modifiers Popup.


Brief Explanation: - User can map one CPT code with another CPT code for having 59 modifiers. On click Save the CPT code will get mapped with the CPT code having 59 modifier list which user can add from left table to right table. Doing this when charges are added against a patient with that particular payor for procedure code having mapped CPT code for having 59 modifiers, then 59 modifiers will be added for the CPT code which are under CPT code having 59 modifiers.


2 - Add Charge Code for Patient with payor having 59 modifiers mapped.



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