How a user can amend a completed note?

Yes, user can create addendum notes for all the SOAP notes other than Cancel/No-Show.

Navigate -> Patient -> Manage patient SOAP notes -> Select a patient for which SOAP notes need to be added or duplicate.

In this example, the user is going to chose a completed Initial Examination to Addendum.

User can create an Addendum note for all the completed note when clicking on the Addendum action icon (to the right of the delete button). When this is clicked on , it will ask you if you want an Addendum to the completed note. If yes, it will open the note and allow you to Amend (edit, delete, change, correct....) anything you want. Be aware it will ask you to finalize billing again, but will NOT put these changes in the transaction. This note still needs to be completed and will appear just below the original note.


The print copy of parent note will have watermark as addended.



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