Confirmation before entering duplicate or not duplicate charges in transactions from SOAP notes.

For Patients when SOAP notes are created like Initial Exam, Re-exam, Daily Note, Plan of Care, Daily Progress Note, Daily Treatment note and Discharge Note the MIPS, FLR and Billing codes gets added under the transactions and are duplicated. User can avoid this as now an alert message will be displayed for duplicate transaction entries for the same date through SOAP notes.

1 - Code exits in transactions for note date but there are no duplicates. 

If Charges exists in transactions for examination date then below alert message will be displayed.


On Click Yes it will enter codes from billing/MIPS/FLR into transaction and complete billing.

On Click No it will complete billing without inserting code in transactions.

2 - Code entered for note date but there are few codes that already exists in transactions.

If Charges for few codes already exists in transactions then the message below will be displayed:

For Billing Page below message will be displayed:


For Finalize Note below message will be displayed:


Brief Explanation: On selection the radio buttons below action will be taken.

a - Insert all codes and complete billing. -> Will insert all new and duplicate codes and finalize the note.

b - Insert codes that do not exist as charges in transactions. -> Will insert only new codes in transactions and Finalize the note.

c - Complete billing without inserting codes. -> Will not insert any codes under patient transactions and Finalize the note.


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