Referral count based on charges as per visit.

User can now view remaining visit based on scheduling and charges as per visit:

Navigate to > Patient > Billing Form Information


Check 'Validate REF Dates for Appointments" to keep track of Remaining Visits count based on scheduler.

Check "Referral in per Charge" to keep track of Remaining Visits count based on charges in transaction. While adding charges from Charge Code or Charge Entry visit should be marked as "Yes".


As per the transaction date selected, the Referral dropdown will automatically display the respective referral. Once submitted, the user can also edit the referrals as required.

If allowed visits are updated in billing customization accordingly it will update referral in charges.

If there are no remaining visits for that date range then it displays message "There are no remaining visits for the entered transaction date."


If the transaction date is not within any of the referral date range then it display the message "Transaction date is not within the referral date range".


In the Patient scheduling section, if a patient has a scheduled appointment and if the user has marked it as "Seen" then the count will get updated in the Billing information page of the respective patient.




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