In SOAP notes, new way to Save and Continue when creating a note.

APOLLO has noticed users having slow internet speeds keep clicking on the tab until it forward's to the next tab. We have added this feature so to prevent duplicate notes from getting created.

The first time you go in and create a note, you will have to click Save & Continue to go to next Tab.  Once through this first Tab, you can navigate as you used to.

User can click either top or bottom "Save & Continue" button to save the note and move to the next tab.mceclip1.png

Once the user clicks on the Save & Continue button then he will be able to switch over other tabs:


Once user has clicked on Save & Continue button while creating new SOAP note the top Save & Continue the button will disappear and it will also not be visible during Edit SOAP note.


If before saving the note user clicks on the Print button then system will display an alert message asking user to add information before printing the note:


NOTE: The above changes have been implemented in following SOAP Notes: Initial Evaluation, Re-Evaluation, Daily Progress note, Daily note, Custom note, and Daily treatment note.

Soon it will be implemented in all the notes.




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