Can I select only the days of week when Clinician is visiting the clinic?

Navigate to: Manage clinician >> Add/Edit Clinician


Once the user selects the visiting offices and the available days for the clinician then in the Patient scheduling page the clinician for that particular office will be visible only on his available days.

For E.g. as per the below image the clinician "0020" is available in 02333 office on all days (Mon-Fri) whereas in MYOFFICE he is available from Mon - Thurs. Hence in this case the user will not be able to add an appointment for Clinician 0020 in MYOFFICE for Friday:



Selected office="MYOFFICE", calender date =07/22/2021 is Thursday.

Clinician "0020" is visible on the scheduler.


Selected office="MYOFFICE", calender date =07/23/2021 is Friday.

As per settings, Clinician "0020" is not visible on the scheduler.


While adding an appointment we can choose any of the 3 occurrences namely "Only Once, Daily or Monthly"


If the user chooses to add an appointment then the system will allow the user to add appointments for a clinician only on his available days. Let's take for e.g. we choose to add an appointment daily and we choose the days, the Start and End date and select one or more patients and save the appointment:


Then as mentioned earlier for the Clinician 0020 for MYOFFICE the system will display the days on which the clinician is unavailable:


Once the user unchecks the days on which the clinician is unavailable the appointment gets saved successfully for the remaining days:



In a similar way this is applicable for Only Once and Monthly occurrences.

Note: The Old date will remain as it is. If an appointment has been added for Tuesday and later if the clinician is not available on Tuesdays then the old appointment will remain as it is but the system will not allow the users to add any new appointment for that day.






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