CMS ICD-10 announcement effective October 1, 2021


CMS has announced that the ICD-10 (International Classification of Disease) is being updated effective October 1, 2021.


APOLLO does not update the ICD-10 code list, it can be looked at and updated by you (Manage Data>Manage ICD-10 codes). 


If you need to Add or Delete a code, this is the responsibility of the Clinic.  Click here to learn how to add ICD 10 codes. APOLLO has put in a warning for code M54.5 because this is a popular code used by therapists. 


If you see "Invalid code" or " Code requires entry in Manage ICD 10 codes. "  when putting in an ICD-10 code, this means the code is not in the APOLLO system and must be entered.  You need to go to Manage Data>Manage ICD-10 code to enter.   It is incumbent upon the user/clinic to make sure the code(s) being entered are valid and the payer will accept.


Please see File>Patient Files, "by diagnosis" (put in DX code where it says ENTER DX code or leave blank for all:) and a date range to see the most recent patients with that DX code.


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