Do we need to include all the variants of CPT codes for displaying in SOAP billing?

There is no need to add all the variants of a CPT code for displaying in SOAP billing. Just mark the check box "Include in SOAP bill:" against the CPT for 1 unit in Manage charge in detail. Once the billing is completed in SOAP notes the amount gets updated in charges based on the units entered in SOAP billing.


Refer to the below steps to understand how it works. In the below example the CPT code is 97002 having variants from unit 1 to unit 4.



Against 1 unit we have checked marked "Include in SOAP Bill". Against other units (2,3 and 4) for CPT code 97002 we have not selected the check box so the other variants will not be visible in SOAP billing.



Here a "Daily Progress note" is created. After clicking Save & Continue in the subjective tab we navigated directly into SOAP billing. Here you can see the CPT that was marked in the above step.



Entered time as 45 minutes and then click the "Save" icon under action and then click "Finalize Billing."



Once billing is finalized the amount gets updated as per 3 units.








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